3 Ways to Record New Vocabulary

How quickly you learn to use new words and phrases accurately depends on how often you go over them. The more frequently you review new vocabulary, the easier it gets to recall them when you write or speak.

In this blog post, we will tell you about three different ways in which you can keep a record of new vocabulary.

Word cards

Using a set of small cards is one of the best ways to help you recall new vocabulary. All you need is a set of paper cards – write the word or phrase on one side of the card and a simple definition on the other side. It might help if you add an example sentence too along with the definition so that it is easier to fully understand the meaning.

When you are in the mood for some vocab practice, all you have got to do is spread the cards out with the word or phrase facing up. Looking at just the vocabulary item will force you to retrieve its meaning from memory. To make this activity more productive, you could also add other details – for example, word class (e.g. noun, verb, adjective), translation or pronunciation.

Post-it notes

Are you a real busy bee with no time to set aside for improving your English? Do not fret, for we have just the method for you that’ll let you expand your vocabulary while you’re doing other work. Get yourself some of those coloured, sticky paper used for writing notes on and write new vocabulary on them. Then, stick them in places where you spend time doing routine tasks like ironing, washing up or cooking. 


If you are a shutterbug by any chance, then this method should be right up your street. Put the camera on your mobile phone to good use by clicking the photos of objects you don’t know the names of. You could also photograph literally anything that helps you remember a new piece of vocabulary you’re trying to learn. All you then do is organise the photos in a folder so that you can view them regularly.

Remember, spending a few minutes every day reviewing new vocabulary will be a lot more rewarding than spending hours on the activity once in a while.

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