All You Need to Know about IELTS Study Pack (Part 2)

A previous blog post introduced you to British Council’s free IELTS Study Pack and listed advantages you could have by signing up for it. In this part, read about what you can expect to find in the pack and how you can access it.  


The IELTS Study Pack website is structured into three sections.

  • Webinars

You will find a series of webinars from qualified British Council IELTS experts which cover a wide range of topics across all four IELTS skills. Each webinar focuses on particular aspects of the test and answers common questions that test takers are likely to have. Webinar topics on the website include Introduction to IELTS, IELTS on computer and How to self-study

  • Study plans

This section has tailored self-study plans designed by IELTS experts that make use of a range of online resources to help you prepare for all four skills. To make the most of these study plans, see to it that you use each in tandem with the relevant ‘self-study guide’ webinar.

  • Practice tests

On completing the four self-study programmes, which are a combination of webinars and study plans, do not forget to put your English skills to test and find out just how much progress you have been able to make. Check your exam readiness by trying out either the Academic or General Training test on the website.

For those planning to retake IELTS, the Study Pack now has a brand new section just for you with extra practice materials. Along with six detailed videos from our IELTS experts that give comprehensive guidance to improve your performance in each of the four skills, you will also have access to one extra practice test each for the IELTS Academic and General Training tests.

Accessing IELTS Study Pack

Signing up for IELTS Study Pack is as easy as ABC – all you’ve got to do is visit our official website here and fill out a simple form. You will then receive an email with information to access the Study Pack website.

So, if the Covid-19 pandemic briefly stalled your efforts to study abroad, use IELTS Study Pack to do some self-study online, achieve IELTS success and get your plans back on track. Good luck!

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